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Enterprise 2.0 & Sharepoint ?

by egonnaud on June 27th, 2006

Can Sharepoint be the next Entreprise 2.0 killer-app ?

I was last week at a special event where Microsoft presented their new Sharepoint. I’ve been using the previous version for some time and I have to say that i’m impressed with this new version

In the following article Enterprise 2.0 | Socialtext Enterprise Wiki: “some guidelines to business leaders interested in building an Enterprise 2.0 infrastructure within their companies” I’ve seen that an “entreprise 2.0 ready software should meet the follwing points :

  • Bottoms up
  • Organic Structure
  • Standards Compliances
  • Mash ups

Now lets scan the new Sharepoint Server 2007 with these criterias :

  • Bottoms up : one of the core feature of Sharepoint is its ability to delegate site administration to the users thus reducing IT administration tasks and empowering users (Power To the People sound quite 2.0 no ?)
  • Organic Structure : through administration delegation, user may build as many sites & subsites they wishes. And all sites may embody a…wiki ! (more on this on Crao Wiki) So its ok with the organic structure
  • Standards Compliances : err…hum…Sharepoint is not yet fully XHTML/CSS compliant (though it is possible) but it now works flawlessly in Firefox and Safari.
  • Mash ups : Sharepoint provides a RSS feed for each list, news, and document library ! and it may also display aggregated feeds through a dedicated webpart. Another approach is Sharepoint’s ability to mashup with other business applications as mentionned here

(Via Ross Mayfield @ socialtext.)

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  1. Etienne permalink

    update :

    Ross Mayfield, SocialText’s CEO has announced a deep integration between Socialtext wiki and Microsoft Sharepoint 2007.

    It’s a great news and I’m really looking forward to test this product with some of my clients.

  2. Another Fantastic write up, I will save this in my Diigo account. Have a good evening.

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