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Web2.0 is not the Web

by egonnaud on March 1st, 2006

Since web2.0 most important paradigm is the abstraction layer for application (via APIs), Web2.0 should abstract from the web world to ensure a real, profitable success in the real world.

A quick look at all the success stories in the ever-growing world wide web have made me realize the following points :

  • most succesful applications/technologies have deep links with the “real world” (see iTunes through the Ipod, see eBay)
  • most of the money is in the real world (or at least comes from the “real world”)
  • most of our living time is spent in the “real world”

As a consequence, all web2.0 applications should be aiming at providing features for and in the real world. Think of GTD successes, media-centers enthusiasting future etc.

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