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It’s a good day to start !

by egonnaud on February 20th, 2006

Where you learn how socialsoftwares may ease creation…

It’s been a moment since I own I finally decided to launch this blog to create conversations on web2.0, socialsoftwares, knowledge management and other buzzwords that will be in the air.

A famous french wiki’s specialist have just bookmarked this article from Clay Shirky (another famous web trends watcher & maker) on his list. Since I am watching his list (could ther be a better source of info that the personnal source of info of specialist ?) I found Shirky’s article and decided to start blogging now. socialsoftwares call socialsoftwares…

Here is an overview of subjects I will talk about in the coming weeks :

  • Why are wikis better than blogs ?
  • The blogosphere seen as a brain
  • Why should web2.0 keep away from the web ?
  • From knowledge management to socialsoftwares
  • What are socialsoftwares (traduction d’articles) ?

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